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227g Medium Roast


Owner: Joe Molina

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Grade: SHG

Cetification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed

Altitude: 1490m masl

Harvest: 19/20

SCA: 83.75

Tasting Notes: Green Apple and Plum with dark Chocolate and creamy Almond finish.


Joe is an agronomist and a number of years ago on the farm he noted one tree that was bearing fruit densely and proving resistant to rust whilst the other bourbon trees suffered heavily. Since then Joe has been growing seedlings from this one tree he named 'Old Chap' at his home to then start planting out on the farm as well. He has also being doing research with the University in Santa Ana where they cloned the plants in the lab. Joe has also planted these at the farm to see how thet grow.

This 10.5 hectares farm has a diverse range of flora and fauna; humming birds, orioles, owls, laughing falcons and
migratory birds of many species. There are armadillos, wildcats, deer, possum and snakes all living amongst the
trees of bourbon coffee, cypress, mescal, inga, walnut and avocado.

The coffee is handpicked between January and March then trucked down the mountains to the mill at El Borbollon
just outside the town of Santa Ana. The coffee is then pulped and left to ferment for bewteen 13-15 hours overnight

The fermented beans are then moved to a washing machine where fresh water is used to remove any remaining
mucilage and prepare the beans for the drying patios. All water is recycled and is used to move fresh cherries
around the wet mill. The washed beans are then taken to the drying patios and kept separate by lot. They will dry
there for around 8-10 days.

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