It's dead easy really - but aren't all the best ideas!

We offer a wide range of Single Estate coffees to buy in "LOTS". These LOTS consist of 20 bags of unroasted coffee. Each LOT will be unique and you can choose the one right for you. Once each LOT is sold the coffee is then ECO Roasted, packed and put into stock ready to sell to the visitors to our online store HERE.

Once all the coffee in your LOT has been sold, we pay you back the cost of the LOT PLUS 25% on top as a thank you! 


The team at Krafty Goat want everyone to have access to great coffee. We want you to enjoy the aromas and flavours of each coffee, but we also want you to support the growers and their families too - and to do this we need sponsors who want to get paid! heard us right. To support the farmers and their families YOU can make money too. This is our cause, to deliver profits from the proceeds of coffee sales to both ends of the supply chain simultaneously!


Each month we source amazing Single Estate coffees from around the globe. Each with their own unique flavours and provenance. Working directly with many coffee growers gives us the opportunity to get involved on a much more intimate basis, helping so many causes directly. Read about each of these amazing coffees and fully understand where your products are coming from and who you are supporting.


Our goal is simple, to give everyone access to this great market, from both ends! An opportunity for you to BUY amazing coffees from around the world and an opportunity to SELL amazing coffees from around the world too, delivering profits from the proceeds of coffee sales to both ends of the supply chain at the same time!


We know you are waiting for the catch as it sounds too good to be true right? Wrong!! As hard as it might be to understand - there really isn't one!